Will insulin resistance make me gain weight?

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In a word, yes, insulin resistance makes you gain weight. Of course, the fact is that it’s a bit more complicated than that. Technically, you can have insulin resistance, exercise and lose weight. However, insulin resistance will make it much more difficult and will increase the chance you will all too easily regain any weight that you might have lost. It’s a major reason why many diets, fitness programs, etc., fail to meet your long-term fitness goals.

Understanding the importance of insulin resistance and how to promote insulin efficiency are core concepts in the design of the Olumia Life program.

But how does insulin resistance make you gain weight? There are actually a few reasons:

  1. Unneeded Fat Storage: When the glucose (energy) carried by insulin to your cells isn’t utilized properly due to insulin resistance, it ends up becoming fat. This not only makes weight gain easier, but you also feel a lack of energy.
  2. Blocked Calls: As insulin builds up in your system, various hormones in your body are then unable to communicate properly with your brain, meaning insulin resistance can trick your brain into numerous problems.
  3. Overeating: One of the hormones blocked by higher insulin levels, leptin, is in charge of telling your brain when you are full and when you have plenty of stored fat.. When your brain doesn’t get the signals, though, it causes you to feel hungry for what it thinks you need: fatty and sugary foods. That’s bad news for a diet! Worse yet, it can also cause you to feel unsatisfied even with plenty of food in your stomach.
  4. Over-Craving: Insulin resistance can actually lead to your brain rewarding you for poor eating habits! Naturally, we feel pleasure when we do certain things, like eating and sex, in part, because of a chemical, dopamine, released by our brains. Unfortunately, because higher insulin levels cause your brain to get mixed up, the high-sugar and high-fat foods you should avoid are actually needed in higher amounts to affect dopamine when you eat them! Even if you fight the craving, insulin resistance will certainly exacerbate the problem.
  5. Fatigue: Hey, we all need to take a break! Insulin resistance, however, will cause you to feel more tired than you should be. This is due in part to the higher insulin levels fooling your brain into thinking you need to conserve energy by doing less. It makes getting things done, like exercise, more of a challenge than they really are.

So what can you do about insulin resistance? Improve your insulin efficiency! It takes a particular way of going about your fitness, diet and even rest routines, but Olumia is designed with insulin efficiency in mind! You’ll lose weight easier and keep it off longer, reduce food cravings and feel more energized.

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