Will e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?

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Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your body, but quitting the habit is easier said than done. E-cigarettes are often marketed as aids to quit smoking, but is that really true? Using e-cigarettes, also called vaping, is a fairly new practice, and, as such, not every claim has had time to be thoroughly tested. That said, one study has come back with results that should make you think again about vaping.

The science of e-cigs and smoking

Researchers out of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City examined the smoking habits of over 1,000 cancer patients undergoing tobacco treatment programs at cancer facilities. The scientists, led by Dr. Jamie Ostroff, observed among those who smoked e-cigs, if the e-cigs help curb tobacco usage, and if e-cigarette smokers, also known as vapers, were more or less likely to smoke tobacco in the future.

The results, published in Cancer, the medical journal of the American Cancer Society, were that e-cigarette usage actually made subjects just as likely to smoke tobacco later on as were tobacco smokers. Here’s the breakdown:

  • When beginning their treatment, e-cigarette users were more dependent on nicotine than tobacco users.
  • E-cigarette users had tried to quit and failed more often.
  • They were also more likely to be diagnosed with head and neck or lung cancers.
  • When researchers performed follow-ups on participants, e-cigarette users were just as likely to be smoking as non-e-cig users.

That’s pretty damning evidence against the claim that e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking.

So how do I quit smoking?

Olumia Life wants you to optimize your health, and, if you smoke, that means quitting. Millions if not billions of dollars have already been used in trying to find the perfect answer, but the truth is that the same treatment may not have the same results. There are numerous factors to consider, and it is unlikely that a miracle drug or alternative will be found.

That said, the best advice is still what the American Cancer Society recommends. As quoted in the study, Dr. Ostroff says, “Oncologists should advise all smokers to quit smoking traditional combustible cigarettes, encourage use of FDA-approved cessation medications, refer patients for smoking cessation counseling, and provide education about the potential risks and lack of known benefits of long-term e-cigarette use.”

One way to help yourself quit a habit is to be ready to fulfill whatever vacuum in your life it may leave. Sunflower seeds and bubble gum, for example, have become just as ubiquitous in baseball dugouts as chewing tobacco used to be.

The Olumia Life plan helps you keep from falling into unhealthy habits by providing an array of viable alternatives. Whether this means eating more fish or going for a run, there are always choices available.

The customized Olumia Life regimen helps ensure you can start healthy habits while you quit your bad ones.

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