Whether you’re new to the gym or a veteran looking to brush up, it pays big dividends to make sure you have exactly what you need in your gym bag. From feeling great and being prepared to getting the maximum benefit from your exercise, your gym bag is an important part of a long-term success.

Step One: Buy a Good Bag

The right gym bag for you may not always be the most expensive, largest, etc. You should look for something durable and with a few pockets for storing smaller things. Also, keep in mind when you’ll be going to the gym most often. If it’s during your lunch break from work, for example, you may want to keep size to a minimum.

Step Two: Equipment

You may want a particular type of shoe to wear depending on your exercise, but for most people a simple t-shirt and shorts or a top and leggings will suffice for everything at the gym. Remember, it’s not necessary to look fantastic while you’re at the gym. (That comes later.) Your workout is definitely a time for function over fashion. Comfortable clothes that breathe, clean socks, and comfy, supportive athletic shoes are a must.

While every gym will have a water fountain, or even free bottled water, keeping your own, reusable water bottle will make everything more convenient in the long run. In fact, as part of the Olumia Life plan, it’s a great idea to have whey protein and a source of BCAAs to take.

Nutrient timing is a crucial part of making the most return on your fitness investment.

Also, when you sign up for a gym, take note of any other non exercise-related equipment you may need. Lockers are often available for free, but you may be required to buy your own lock.

Step Three: Hygienic Supplies

If you like to take a shower right after your workout, you likely won’t need to worry about bringing towels, etc. to your gym. It’s worth checking if they carry shampoo if you’ll be wanting any, but body wash is pretty standard fare at most gyms. You may need to bring your preferred hair products.

Also, wearing rubber sandals in the shower may help reduce the risk of athlete’s foot.

When it comes to getting ready to hit the streets post-workout, it’s a good idea to pack deodorant or antiperspirant and whatever things you might want such as makeup or other personal care products.


Almost as important as what you pack in your bag is where you take it. Choosing the right gym for you will let you make the most out of the time you spend there and make you more likely to keep coming back. Your gym bag is part of that equation. It’s best to restock right after you get back from the gym, not before you leave. In the long run, you want to create as few excuses for delaying the gym as possible. Not being able to find your water bottle, fresh socks, or even the bag itself should never be a reason to stay home.

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