What is the best time to do cardio exercise?

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Most likely right after strength training in the evening. The common wisdom seems to be that right after you wake up is best, but that is simply not the case. Of course anytime that you do cardio exercise is better than no time.

Recent studies have indicated that doing your cardio in the early evening will increase your calorie burning for longer after you exercise. Also, while evening workouts may seem like they will make it hard to fall asleep later, making a routine of it will grow your body accustomed to the schedule, and once you maintain it for a week or two the sleep issues will tend to vanish.

By doing your cardio exercises right after your strength training, you’ll find numerous advantages, such as:

  • You’ll improve hormone levels, which is a part of achieving optimal fitness. Studies suggest that performing cardio after strength training enhances your level of growth hormone, meaning you’ll be better able to maintain strength and leanness.
  • Since the energy for strength workouts comes almost entirely from stored glucose, if you do strength training first, the energy stores are still available for the strength workout. In other words, you haven’t depleted your stores from doing your cardio first. You will then be better able to safely focus greater effort into your strength training. You can now maximize the fat-burning effects of the cardio that you do afterward when muscle glucose is lower after strength training.
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