resistance training


Resistance training is literally any exercise that exercises your muscles using outside resistance. For the most part, the terms “resistance training” and “strength training” can be used interchangeably without any real trouble. While technically different in definition, in reality, they cover pretty much all the same exercises.

Why resistance training is important for everyone

Resistance training is an essential part of a fitness plan no matter what your gender, age or overall fitness goals may be. Resistance training doesn’t automatically cause muscles to grow to larger proportions. Olumia Life is designed to tailor itself to your goals. The routines you’ll receive in resistance training won’t work on bulking you up unless you specifically tell the program that building muscle is your primary goal.

The main reasons for resistance training are:

  • getting a healthy amount of lean, toned muscle
  • weight loss
  • and to combat sarcopenia.

Healthy levels of muscle and sarcopenia are linked. As we age, our bodies naturally lose muscle mass at a rate of about 5% per year. A lack of muscle mass leaves your body more prone to disease as well as injury. It’s a “use it or lose it” situation.

If you have a primarily sedentary lifestyle, such as if you sit down for work, maintaining muscle is important for other reasons as well. Being seated for most of your day can cause a litany of adverse health effects, such as heart disease, high cholesterol and more. Resistance training lowers this risk while helping lower your waist size at the same time.

Weight loss

Resistance training doesn’t receive as much press on weight loss as cardio training, but it is still a very important part of not only reaching your weight goal but maintaining it. More muscle means a higher metabolism. Basically, you’ll burn more calories simply by going about your day with muscle than you would otherwise.

But a higher metabolism isn’t the only benefit to weight loss, resistance training burns a lot of calories. Especially when used in conjunction with cardio training, shedding pounds of excess fat is simply par for the course.

New to resistance training?

If you’re just being introduced to the importance of resistance training and looking to get started, there are a lot of options available. This variety will be helpful further down the line, as mixing up routines can help you maintain more long-term engagement and improve results; however, too many options can also be something of a barrier at the beginning. No worries! Olumia Life is designed to make things easy on you.

The first type of resistance training you’ll do as a beginner will likely be using weight machines rather than starting with the free weights, dumbbells, etc. Each machine will focus on a single muscle group and a controlled motion to apply resistance to those muscles. Maintaining this level of control helps keep the risk of injury minimal. As you progress, so will your resistance training routines. There are as many different resistance exercises as there are ways to exert your muscles. Any time is a good time to start resistance training!

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