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Simply put, proprioception is your ability to be aware of your body’s movements without looking at them. It’s one of the the three systems of balance in your body. (The other two being your visual and inner ear systems.)

Obviously, proprioception is a fundamental part of living a normal daily life. It’s how you can put food in your mouth without paying much attention.

Ever seen the old sobriety test practice of holding out your arms and then touching your nose? That involves a test of proprioception. If you can’t use your hands and feet properly without watching them, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to watch the road or react.

When it comes to fitness, proprioception and the other systems of balance are important to long-term health. Good balance makes everything easier and helps you avoid injury.

While your inner ear and visual balance systems aren’t something you can really exercise, you can train and improve your proprioception. Core training, strength training (particularly with free weights), and just about any other type of exercise can help.

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