What is periodization of exercise?

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Periodization of exercise is sometimes also known as periodic training, and it means just that.

Instead of settling into one routine and sticking with it long term, periodization of exercise makes frequent, periodic changes in your routine, including the addition of a complete break from weight-training exercises for 1 week every 3 months.

Periodization of exercise gained international attention when Olympians from the Soviet Union using periodization were able to win the overall medal count of the 1960 Olympic Games, defeating the second-place U.S. by over 30 medals.

Since then, periodization of exercise has become commonplace for pretty much any serious athlete in training.

The reason periodization works so well is that it keeps your body from getting complacent with your workout. If you only work out in one way, then you’re only going to be fit in one way, like a basketball player who only practices free throws.

If you want better overall health, you need to put your body into situations where it needs to adapt to new techniques. That adaptation can take many forms, and is part of the Olumia Life methodology.

Constant variation in your exercise is necessary, and using the right exercises, variety, order, and progression helps you make the most effective use of your time in the gym and cuts down on your risk of injury.

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