What is leptin resistance?

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Leptin is an important part of weight loss and dietary management. When the body stops responding normally to leptin, lots of problems start to present themselves. Understanding how these issues affect you and what you can do to avoid/mitigate them is a vital part of controlling your health.

What is leptin?

Leptin is a hormone released by your fat cells. By detecting the leptin in your bloodstream, your brain is able to tell when you’ve eaten enough food and have adequate fat stores. When this happens, you no longer receive “you’re hungry, better eat” signals from your brain and you stop receiving sensations of pleasure or reward from any continued eating. Leptin is very important in regulating how much we eat. When we become leptin resistant, studies have shown an increase in rates of weight gain and obesity.

How resistance starts

Leptin resistance occurs in most people because of an increase of insulin and/or insulin resistance. Insulin delivers excess energy from food through the bloodstream to be stored as fat. When there is too much insulin being produced, the lines of communication between fat cells and the brain are garbled.

The inability of the brain and fat cells to properly communicate is what being “resistant” to leptin means. Your brain is unable to tell how much leptin is actually present in your body, so it doesn’t know when to stop rewarding you for eating and makes you feel hungry even when you’ve already had enough food. This increases overeating as well as fat storage, a double whammy in terms of weight gain. Foods containing added fructose, like soda, frozen and processed foods, exacerbate the problems even more.

Insulin and leptin resistance begin due to one or a combination of factors: poor diet, lack of exercise and unhealthy sleeping habits. Olumia Life is designed specifically to help you create healthy habits leading to insulin efficiency, not resistance.

How to combat leptin resistance

It’s difficult to mitigate leptin resistance unless you work on the underlying cause: too much insulin. Improving how efficiently your body uses insulin will lower leptin resistance naturally. To that end, the best way to decrease leptin resistance lies in a healthy overall lifestyle rather than a single solution. A few of the key ways in which you can refine your habits to reduce leptin and insulin resistance include:

  • Avoiding excess sugar in the diet, particularly added fructose
  • Sleeping 7 to 9 hours regularly
  • Regular exercise ideally involving cardio, core and resistance training involving the right order, progression, and variety of exercise

Choosing to work on just one of these will definitely lead to improvement, but the best way to reduce leptin and insulin resistance is by optimizing each of your Fitness, Nutrition and Sleep habits. Of course, it can be difficult not only to keep track of your progress, but also what to do on a daily basis to continue improving. Olumia Life has developed to not only guide you through this, but also help you maintain your health goals once they have been reached.

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