What is dynamic flexibility?

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Dynamic flexibility is the ability to use your muscles to move a joint through its full range of motion—the entire spectrum of movement the joint was designed to have.

Of course, this varies from joint to joint. For example, your knee joint can move in only two directions. You should be able to extend your knee all the way out to a straight-leg position, as well as bend it backward so your heel touches your backside. This is the knee’s full range of motion.

Dynamic flexibility, compared to active and passive flexibility, is most closely related to what you actually do when you move your body day to day.

Achieving a good range of motion is one of the key benefits to having good dynamic flexibility. When you can move easily you help prevent imbalances, which are a frequent cause of debility and/or pain. Hamstrings with a decreased range of motion, for example, contribute to back pain.

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