What are the opposing systems of breakdown and repair?

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Just like your nails keep growing after you cut them, the opposing systems of breakdown and repair are constantly at work on your body, destroying and replacing every part of your body. On a cellular level, you’re not the same “you” that you were just yesterday.

The systems of breakdown and repair are exactly what they sound like, except you might not expect a system in your body to actively harm cells in your body. However, that’s exactly how your body detects that cells need repair.

If your body were a house, think of it as the carpet getting overly worn. Your body fixes the problem by sending the breakdown team to tear out the old, worn carpet. The repair team then comes in and lays the new replacement carpet.

It’s not always quite as neat and straightforward. The processes that promote breakdown actually cause more damage than was present initially. It’s as if the breakdown team comes into your house, spills grape juice all over your carpet, and uses sharp objects to poke holes in it, just to make sure the carpet is really in need of repair!

This “over the top” breakdown system has a purpose, however, and achieves something very helpful. The breakdown team’s presence on site automatically informs the carpet layers that they need to come and fix the carpet. They give directions on how to get there, and tell them the extent of the repair work needed. The carpet layers come, do their job, and next thing you know, your house has carpet that’s as good as new.

The critical point here is that the breakdown team calls in the repair team. It takes damage to trigger repair, and damage is necessary to cause the signal for that repair to take place.

The same thing happens in your body, but here the damage is called inflammation. Some level of inflammation is part of the healing and renewal process and is necessary to signal the body to repair itself. The chemicals themselves involved in the inflammation give the signal for repair and renewal.

When the opposing systems are out of balance, there’s more breakdown than repair. The result is disease. As we get older, the balance naturally shifts toward breakdown over repair. Even so, we can shift the balance back in our favor. The Olumia Life program is specifically designed to help your body use its own opposing systems to your advantage.

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