What are the benefits of strength training?

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Strength training offers a wide range of benefits beyond simply strengthening your muscles. For women as much as men, strength training (also called resistance training) is an essential part of complete health. Rather than bulking up, think of strength training as what it is: a way to make yourself stronger in your everyday life, stronger against weight gain and disease, and with more strength to continue your success.

Weight management and strength training

Strength training has been shown to build and maintain lean skeletal muscle which leads to loss of fat. When you have stronger muscles, you have a faster metabolism. This stems from the improved Insulin Efficiency created by lean muscles. By incorporating strength training into your workout routine, especially in conjunction with cardio and core exercises, you keep your whole body operating more efficiently, i.e., more food becomes energy and not fat.

Staying strong and staying alert

When your muscles are strong, your body is better able to function. Strength training has been shown to reduce the risk of numerous diseases, including:

In fact, strength training has even been linked with improved moods.

And these benefits continue into old age as well. Strength training is important no matter how old you are. A study published in the journal Sports Medicine found that strength training helped prevent the deterioration of muscle and even improved some cognitive functions.

Strength training and Olumia Life

The Olumia Life system incorporates a method of strength training that gets the most out of your effort and time spent working: progressive strength training. Basically, progressive strength training uses specific exercises, variety, order, and progressions to push through fitness plateaus while optimizing your success.

Your body is not a bunch of systems operating independently of each other; they’re interconnected. This means what happens to one affects the others. Olumia Life uses this aspect of health to your advantage by customizing a strength training routine for you as part of an overall workout routine including both cardio and core exercises. Each type of training offers benefits, but when performed in concert, you achieve the best results.

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