What are some simple exercises to improve my balance?

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Your balance is actually comprised of three overlapping systems: your sight, your inner ear, and proprioception (your awareness of your body’s movements without looking). Of these 3, only one can actually be trained and improved with exercise over time: proprioception.

If you want to focus on improving your balance, some exercises are better than others. In terms of benefit compared to time spent exercising, there are a few simple balance exercises that improve your balance well.

  • Stand on one leg while bending the other leg at the knee and lifting it. Getting a little support from a table, chair back or wall is fine when you first start out. Start by doing each leg for 10 seconds—longer if you can. The goal is to stand for a total of one minute on each leg, either by adding short periods together or by working up to one full minute per leg at a time.
  • Walk heel to toe in a straight line, like you were walking on a tightrope. Putting your arms out or touching a wall is fine if you need a little support, but you eventually want to be able to keep up the straight line in this manner for a full minute.
  • The third exercise is standing on one leg while extending the other. Stand sideways next to a wall, so you can support yourself if needed. Stand on one leg and extend the other leg out in front of you, so that your heel is six to 12 inches off the floor. Keep the extended leg straight and your toes pointed upward at about a 30-degree angle. Again, the goal is one minute total per leg, either in additive increments or all at once if you can.
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