Beneficial virus sounds like a good example of an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp or dry rain, but groundbreaking research has found evidence that may put some viruses in a new light. Viruses in the gut can have a beneficial effect on our health, in much the same way that certain gut bacteria do. This addition to the list of beneficial gut flora could present significant advances in understanding the role that organisms in our gut play in a healthy lifestyle.

Gut viruses can be good?

The “virome,” as it is called by researchers from New York University Langone Medical Center, consists of many different types of viruses. Like known gut flora, they can be bad, have no effect or be good for us.

The conclusion of the study, published in the journal Nature, is that some beneficial viruses do exist and can help improve our immune system, and improve the health of our intestines in ways similar to good gut bacteria. While the researchers will continue to catalog and identify the functions of individual viruses, discovering they serve a useful purpose is an exciting development.

Learning about gut viruses

Understanding the way that gut viruses help our immune system and serve to curb inflammation means understanding the opposing systems of breakdown and repair in our bodies. Simply put, our body repairs what’s damaged. Sometimes however, the body may not recognize the problem.

Beneficial gut viruses act as the missing stimulant for the immune system to break down the problem cells to ready them for repair or replacement. This keeps chronic inflammation down, which is a serious problem for many, especially for those with a more sedentary lifestyle and poor Insulin Efficiency.

Scientists were able to learn about these beneficial traits by first clearing out all the gut flora present in the guts of laboratory mice with a course of antibiotics. The mice then received doses of viruses found in the gut that were thought to be possible beneficial.

Compared to the control, which received no viral treatment, the “infected” mice had a stronger immune system and less damage to the lining of their intestinal walls.

It’s a jungle in there

Researchers will continue to make discoveries about the exact ways in which gut viruses affect us. In the meantime, a healthy diet and active lifestyle with plenty of quality sleep is the best way to improve your body. The Olumia Life method incorporates the latest proven research into a system tailored to your specific needs. Ensuring you get enough fiber to maintain proper levels of gut bacteria and many other practical ways of optimizing your health are all part of Olumia Life.

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