What are brown fat and white fat?

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Fat in our bodies isn’t all the same stuff. Brown and white fat are both present in your body, but each has different properties and effects. Only in recent years have scientists begun detailing just how brown fat and white are different, and the results have a lot of promise. Promoting the production of brown fat in the body may help you lose weight faster, look slimmer and keep you warmer too!

White fat facts

We tend to speak about fat as a single thing, when it is actually 2 rather different substances in our body. When most people say something about fat, they are referring to white fat; it’s our energy reserves.

Our bodies store fat in more than just the belly. As previous studies have shown, men and women store fat, specifically white fat, in significantly different ways. Fat tends to accrue in the hips and thighs for women while male bodies store excess fat more in the gut.

This is the stuff made when the body has more energy than it needs to burn. It’s also the perpetrator of all the negative aspects of excess fat, like lowered Insulin Efficiency, increased risk of the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Brown fat 101

Brown fat has become a hot topic in modern health circles. First, brown fat is literally brownish in color because of more iron content than white fat. It’s most often a thin layer spread throughout your body just below the skin (subcutaneous).

The main function of brown fat has generally been thought of as a way of keeping the body warm. The calories in brown fat are quickly burned in order to heat the body, which, for example, is why bears have a lot of brown fat when hibernating.

New research continues to uncover health benefits of brown fat beyond keeping us cozy.

Brown fat is more metabolically active than white fat, meaning we burn more calories just going about our regular business when we have more brown fat.

One study, presented at the 73rd Annual Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, found that exercise can actually change white fat into brown. Moreover, higher presence of brown fat was associated with more fit individuals. White fat was linked to a more sedentary lifestyle.

Heating things up by keeping things cool

Improving the levels of brown fat through exercise can help improve how well you’re able to burn calories overall. While calories are by no means the only thing to mind when trying to get healthy, moderating how much fat and particularly sugar you get in your diet will help you keep down the buildup of white fat.

More updates will be available as soon as the theories on brown fat are tested. In the meantime, this is just one more reason why being healthy begets being healthy, i.e., the healthier you are, the easier it is to be healthy. That’s an important distinction for long-term success, and one Olumia Life will help you take full advantage of.

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