The best way to exercise for weight loss

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When you think about losing weight, the first thing to come to your mind is probably the word “diet.” The most common thinking right now is that if you want to shed some pounds, you need to start cutting way back on how many calories you have each day. There’s certainly truth to that, and eating healthy is a major component to losing weight as well as to living a healthy lifestyle in general, but diet alone is unlikely to lead to lasting success.

Exercise, or rather the right type, variety, order, and progression of exercises, are essential in weight that stays lost.

Metabolism and weight loss

The primary reason why a show like The Biggest Loser will have contestants exercise like crazy is to burn calories. That’s why treadmills, exercise bikes and the like get so much camera time. Cardio exercise burns calories efficiently. Considering the fact that the show is stocked with certified personal trainers, The Biggest Loser isn’t wrong in having people get some exercise. It’s obviously coming from experts in the field.

That said, you might have heard about how those same contestants almost without exception begin gaining back all the weight they lost pretty much as soon as the cameras turn off. Why is that? One primary cause is metabolism, or how fast your body burns calories on its own. Extreme weight loss like you see on TV leads to a lowered metabolism. Your body simply doesn’t burn as much fuel each day.

There are numerous reasons for a lowered metabolism, but one is that cardio exercise doesn’t really build up muscle. Cardio exercise is absolutely wonderful for your body, and lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease. In terms of losing weight and staying that way, however, it’s simply not enough on its own.

Investing in muscles

Basically, your body doesn’t function in one single way. Numerous external factors and internal systems are working simultaneously, and the complex influence of these things can have an effect on your ability to lose weight, i.e., only dieting or only doing cardio exercise isn’t enough. A combination of different work outs, as shown by various studies, is the most effective way to really lower your total weight.

Strength training, also called resistance training, is a key part of the combination (for women as much as for men). Instead of only burning off the fat with cardio, resistance training builds a healthier body to replace what was lost. Olumia Life’s Fitness and personal training section creates a tailor-made plan combining each type of exercise to maximize your short- and long-term results. By improving the quality of muscle in your body, and this doesn’t mean “bulking up,” your resting metabolism is raised, making weight less likely to accrue later on. There are numerous benefits to strength training.

The secret is no secret

If you’re looking for a single, magic answer to losing weight, you’ll have better luck buying the Brooklyn Bridge. The truth is simple and right in front of you. Exercise for weight loss means exercising your way into a thinner, healthier body, not just a bag of bones. A strong body doesn’t mean you can star in the next Rambo, it just means healthy and working well.

Reaching your goals in weight loss takes more than any one exercise alone; it takes the proper combination of cardio, the right type, variety, order and progression of strength and core exercises as well as eating right and sleeping well. The next step is finding the right motivation for weight loss to keep you to stick with your workouts. You can do it.

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