Posture check: Are you sitting up straight?

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More than likely, you’re sitting down right now. Just as likely, you were sitting before reading this article, and you’ll continue sitting after finishing it. That means now is the perfect time to do a little posture check!

Posture is important no matter what you’re doing. Here’s how to check your posture when standing. Improving the strength of your core muscles will help as well.

For now, let’s talk about being seated. We’ll start with your feet and work our way up:


When you’re sitting in your chair, you want the height to be such that your feet rest flat and comfortable on the ground. If your chair isn’t adjustable, you still have options. A footrest is a good idea when your chair is too high. Another seat cushion can help if the chair is too low.


With your chair again, you want the height to keep your legs bent at the knee in a relaxed, 90-degree angle that’s about level with your hips. It all depends on your height, so adjusting your chair to fit you is crucial to good posture.

Hips and waist:

You don’t want to be crooked when sitting, so keep your waist square with the rest of your body. Being relaxed doesn’t mean you have to crumple up when seated.

Lower back:

You don’t want to slouch, but be careful of leaning in too much as well. Sitting up straight with your back rest comfortably supporting the curves of your spine is best. This means a chair that can support your lower and upper back. If your office chair doesn’t curve into your lower back, a rolled-up towel placed between your lower back and the chair can function as a convenient cushion.


If your chair has armrests, you should adjust them so that your elbows casually rest on them. Your shoulder should be relaxed, not pushed up. If you don’t have armrests and tend to rest your arms on your desk, adjusting desk height is important.

When possible, desk height is ideal when it’s about level with where the armrests would normally be. Fulfilling this might not be possible, though, considering where your chair height should be. If you’re stuck, it’s better to stick to a height that is comfortable for your legs and just minimize resting your arms on your desk.

Neck, shoulders and upper back:

When sitting, the outward curve of your upper back should be level with the outward curve of your lower back (near the base of your spine). Basically, this means you should be sitting up straight, not slouching. Your shoulders shouldn’t be slumped either, and your neck shouldn’t be bent forward or back.

By the way, how long have you been sitting?

Even if you’re sitting with perfect posture at all times, it’s still unhealthy to sit for too long at once. Try standing up and moving around from every 2 hours. A little walk outside, if possible, can do wonders for your health and state of mind.

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