Medical study shows Olumia Life succeeds at home, the gym and the lab

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It’s not polite to harp on about accomplishments, but Olumia Life is proud to have designed a health system that really helps people get healthy. With the publication of a recent study, there is even scientific evidence concluding that Olumia Life creates a significant improvement to your health. While every aspect of Fitness, Nutrition and Sleep is designed by doctors to begin with, it’s nice to see just how effective the system truly is.

Health guidance you can rely on

The peer-reviewed study, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) mHealth and uHealth, found that users of Olumia Life Health’s mobile app experienced significant reductions in:

  • Body Weight
  • Waist Circumference
  • and Blood Pressure

Why is it so important to Olumia Life Health that we can show our results in peer-reviewed medical journals? Because there are only a very few health apps out there that can actually show how well they work in this manner. It’s tough to parse through what’s science and what’s just marketing, especially without a medical degree, so we are happy to make choosing the best health system app easy.

“As a practicing physician, I realized there were not any mobile health applications that I felt comfortable recommending to my patients. I teamed up with a group of world-class physicians, psychologists and MIT-trained computer scientists to design a health and fitness application that would actually get my patients the results they were looking for,” said Steven Willey, MD and Chief Scientist of Olumia Life Health.

“I am excited that this application, which is based on years of clinical experience, is now available to the public. Our goal is to help as many people as possible achieve weight loss, better fitness, improved metabolic performance and better overall health.”

What a difference 12 weeks can make

A new pilot study co-authored by Dr. Willey and James K Walsh, PhD, monitored the progress made by 10 participants in the Olumia Life system over 12 weeks.

Participants completed a small number of simple baseline questions within the application and received digital, personalized feedback throughout the program. Results from this study show that Olumia Life Health really can help users become healthier. The results include:

●    Mean weight loss of 13.5 lbs., which represented 7.3 percent of baseline (P<.005)

●    Mean waist circumference was reduced by 7.2 cm or 6.6 percent of baseline (P<.005)

●    Systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) blood pressure measures were significantly lower

●    Mean SBP fell 18.6 mmHg (P<.005) and mean DBP declined 6.4 mmHg (P<.005)

●    VO2 max increased by an average of 3.13 ml/kg/min from baseline to study end (P<.005)

●    HDL levels increased significantly by 4.0 mg/dL from baseline to end-of-study (P=.04)

The next step

As Olumia Life continues to grow and evolve, we will be conducting more studies to elucidate just how well the system works. These studies are more than simply a means of proving efficacy, however, they are also an important tool in making refinements and improvements to best help you get healthy and stay that way.

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