Is there any potential harm in taking a multivitamin?

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Multivitamins and how much good they really do can be a difficult topic to broach, at least if the multi-billion dollar industry producing them has anything to say about it.

Numerous studies have shown that multivitamins do nothing to prevent cancer or heart disease and one, the Iowa Women’s Health Study, followed 39,000 women for 19 years. Even after considering many variables, the women taking multivitamins were actually found to have a 2.4% higher death rate. This is in spite of the fact that the women who took the multivitamins had a generally healthier lifestyle to begin with.

That may not sound like much worse than average, but the general thinking would have you believe the introduction of multivitamins would significantly lower the death rate. And that has been shown otherwise.

And that is the most frequent type of conclusion from studies on multivitamins: they just don’t seem to be doing all that much good.

Based on the most recent scientific evidence, Olumia LIfe does not recommend the use of multivitamins. If you want to add more vitamins to your diet, the best thing to do will always be eating more vitamin-rich whole foods.

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