Is progressive strength training more effective at reducing insulin resistance?

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Progressive strength training as defined by Olumia Life is a workout program incorporating the proper exercises with frequent, appropriate changes, has variety and order tailored specifically to the individual, and follows a proper progression for optimal results. It’s a fact that strength training alone will help decrease your insulin resistance, but is progressive strength training much better than a more quotidian one?


In a UCLA study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism in 2011, researchers looked at over 13,000 people and found an almost linear relationship between adding muscle through strength training and reducing insulin resistance.

In another study out of the University of Sydney in 2013, the researchers looked at the effect on insulin resistance and average blood sugar of progressive resistance training. What they found was eye-opening. Participants in the progressive group who gained muscle had significant improvements in insulin resistance and a reduction of average blood sugar, compared to those who worked out but didn’t make their routine progressive over time. It should be pointed out that both groups spent the same amount of time exercising, but it was the progressive group who saw the big results.

It’s worth pointing out here as well that the study found that these results were independent of body weight. Overweight people also benefited from progressive strength training. Even if you haven’t been exercising at all, progressive strength training is the best idea.

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