Is it better to eat six smaller meals daily or fewer larger meals?

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The general thinking behind the argument for smaller and more frequent meals has traditionally been that it will raise your metabolism, keep you from snacking between meals and lead to weight loss.

Unfortunately, numerous studies have shown that this simply isn’t the case.

In fact, people eating 6 small meals a day are actually more likely to eat more calories than those eating fewer, larger meals while not increasing their metabolic rate.

Lots of studies show this. One compared people who took in the same number of calories, either from two large meals a day or six smaller meals. Even though their caloric intake was the same, the people who ate only twice a day had more weight loss.

A study in the British Journal of Nutrition echoes other studies in showing that eating more frequent meals does not cause a significant increase metabolism to counter the increased intake of food.

Other investigators have shown that, although eating less than three meals a day can make us feel less satiated, eating more than three meals a day doesn’t make us feel more satiated.

The evidence all points towards 3 meals a day as the best amount.

This is most likely due to how your gastrointestinal hormones react to your eating habits. With 3 meals a day (And, yes, breakfast is very important.), your body creates optimal levels of GI hormones for proper digestion, insulin efficiency and metabolic rate.

But what about snacking? Snacking between meals, and even eating larger portions, is OK so long as you follow a couple rules. In the Olumia Life plan, there is a specific ratio of protein to starch that you need to maintain. The important thing is that you eat the right kind of snacks and in the right proportions.

Try mixed nuts, cheese, yogurt (without loads of sugar), soft or hard boiled eggs, fruit, veggie sticks, popcorn and things like that rather than a bag of greasy, salty potato chips. And stick to breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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