How to make red meat healthier

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While you might have seen lots of reports about the horrors of red meat and its saturated fat content, it’s important to trim off a lot of the breathless hype for a more honest look at one of our most popular sources of protein. While red meat can be bad for you when you eat too much too often, moderation and some helpful tips can keep red meat on the menu. After all, it can actually be quite good for you. There are even some easy ways to make the red meat in your diet healthier.


However you decide on what red meat to eat and how, the most important part is not eating any more than you should. Basically, red meat should make up no more than 30 percent of your total protein intake each week. The other 70 percent ought to be chicken, fish and other white meats as well as vegetarian sources of protein, like nuts, quinoa and tofu.

Shopping: Mind the fat

When shopping for steaks, etc., avoid the fat-heavy cuts. The leaner, the better, so always try to buy meat labelled “choice” or “select.” Don’t worry, there will be some fat in the meat regardless. After all, a little fat, even saturated fat, is important to a healthy diet. There is a healthy amount of red meat you can eat. Moderation is the key, not banning fat completely. Other red meat with less fat includes bison, venison, pork tenderloin and top-round lamb. If you’re buying ground beef, try to get no less than 90-percent lean.

*Quick note: Grass-fed meat has been shown to be generally healthier than meat from other sources. If possible, you should pick packages labelled with it in order to get a higher average content of vitamins A and E as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

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You should avoid processed meats as much as possible, they are just plain not good for you. This includes sausage, hot dogs and bacon. While they have lots of fat a well, that’s not the biggest issue here; it’s because of nitrates and other unhealthy ingredients that they should really be avoided, or at least confined to the Olumia Life Cheat Half-Day. As with pretty much all foods, the less processed it is, the healthier it is likelier to be.

Cooking: Herbs and style

One complaint about cooking with lean red meat is a loss of flavor, so considering using marinades when cooking. Just be careful they don’t contain excessive sugar.

If you are grilling steaks, pork, etc., you may actually limit the creation of some carcinogenic compounds, i.e., things that can cause cancer, by using certain herbs. These include allspice, basil, thyme and especially rosemary, which all have an added bonus of containing some antioxidants as well.

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