How does Olumia Life improve Insulin Efficiency?

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Improving insulin efficiency (as well as decreasing insulin resistance) is one of the most important parts of Olumia Life. Insulin efficiency does not mean diabetes. It means using the very least amount of insulin possible to get the job done. We can all be more efficient so this is important for all of us. From the ground up, Olumia is meant to take advantage of the numerous medical advances in our understanding of insulin efficiency.

Insulin efficiency has far-reaching effects in the state of your nutrition, fitness and even rest habits, and, as a result, there are myriad ways in which insulin efficiency, for good or ill, can itself be affected.

It’s this myriad of ways that has created Olumia. Because your nutrition, fitness and rest are interconnected, you can reach health goals that are greater than the sum of their parts by using each area to bolster the others.

Improving Insulin Efficiency: Fitness

Without knowing specifically what to do, a person can still have less insulin efficiency than could be achieved, meaning, among other issues, it will be harder to lose weight and easier to put the weight back on in the future. Olumia uses a specific set of techniques, combinations, variety, order, and progressions to optimize your workouts and improve your insulin efficiency.


At the same time you are getting more fit at the gym or at home, your meals are designed to be delicious, satisfying and healthy. You%2B makes this easy for eating at home or eating out. By ensuring you always have the proper proportions of protein, starch, and multiple other essential nutrients within the YOU%2B Ratio, your insulin efficiency is able to be optimized for the best utilization of the food you eat. You’ll be able to lose weight and feel energized instead of starved.


It’s a fact that sleep deprivation can cause poor insulin efficiency, but there’s more to it than just going to bed earlier. YOU%2B also focuses on getting the right amount of quality sleep, i.e., the rejuvenating periods of deep sleep as well as REM sleep which is accompanied by dreams. Using proven behavioral therapy, your sleep improves along with your insulin efficiency.

The Combination

There are enough different interactions between your fitness, diet and rest to write a book! In fact, Steven Willey, M.D. did just that, it is entitled Reprogram Your Life: Bioscience for a Healthier You. To give an example of one way that the YOU%2B integration of activities can do more than individual activities, we need only look at a common problem for all of us: stress.

Like sleep deprivation, stress can be detrimental to insulin efficiency. Unfortunately, stress is often the result of numerous causes, so unlike sleep deprivation, reducing it takes more than a nap. The specific exercise regimen, proper rest and the right diet all play a role in relieving the negative effects of stress, so using them together works that much better.

As you progress higher into the levels of YOU%2B. your new methods of Fitness, Nutrition and Rest will become second nature to follow, improving your insulin efficiency and keeping it that way for long-term health and well-being.

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