How does Olumia Life decrease insulin resistance?

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As you may or may not know, insulin resistance refers to when it takes higher levels of insulin than it should to transfer energy (glucose) into the cells of your body. It’s important to note that insulin resistance is not diabetes, though it can lead to it. We all, however, can benefit from lower insulin levels. Higher insulin levels lead to greater fat storage and block important signals to the brain. These blocked signals result in greater appetite, lower energy, and cravings for sugary and fatty foods. Insulin resistance is a result of numerous factors, such as carrying extra pounds, improper diet, lack of exercise, stress and lack of sleep.

An increase in insulin resistance can cause severe problems with reaching your fitness goals, and it has also been linked to a raised risk of a host of serious health issues, like obesity, heart disease, cancer and stroke.

However, because the root causes of insulin resistance are varied, it takes more than just a general change in diet or exercise to reach an optimal rate of insulin efficiency (the opposite of insulin resistance).

Olumia Life is designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive fitness and well-being system with a wide range of methods working in concert to help you decrease insulin resistance and reach your fitness goals with long-term success. This is done by creating a plan to establish healthy habits in your Fitness, Nutrition and Rest.

Each of these areas has a part to play in your overall wellness.

  • Olumia Life uses a specific set of techniques, combinations, variety, order, and progressions to optimize your workouts and reduce insulin resistance. Without knowing specifically what to do, a person may not reduce insulin resistance to the degree possible, meaning, among other issues, it will be harder to lose weight and easier to put the weight back on in the future.
  • Proper nutrition provides your body with the right kind and amount of fuel it needs, helping you to mitigate cravings for the high-sugar, high-fat foods that can lead to further insulin resistance. By ensuring you always have the proper proportions of protein, starch, and multiple other essential nutrients within the YOU%2B Ratio, your insulin efficiency is able to be optimized for the best utilization of the food you eat. You’ll be able to lose weight and feel energized instead of starved.
  • It’s a fact that sleep deprivation can cause increased insulin resistance, but there’s more to it than just going to bed earlier. YOU%2B also focuses on getting the right amount of quality sleep, i.e., the rejuvenating periods of deep sleep as well as REM sleep which is accompanied by dreams. Using proven behavioral therapy, your sleep improves along with your insulin efficiency.
  • Improving your overall health is also a great way to relieve stress, another factor in insulin resistance.

Once your insulin resistance is overcome, you’ll be operating with insulin efficiency. You’ll find that the YOU%2B focus on decreasing insulin resistance will not only help you lower your risk of numerous health problems, but also help you reach your weight-loss and fitness goals more easily, and maintain your success into the future.

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