How can cardio exercises keep you young?

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Running and other cardio exercises are a great way to stay active, heart healthy and agile no matter what age you are. As we grow older, cardio and other exercises play a serious role in staving off age-related problems. A new study, however, has even found that cardio exercises can keep your body more efficient, i.e., younger, than simply walking.

Cardio exercise for young and old

Cardio, or aerobic, exercise is pretty much any activity that results in more oxygen going through your bloodstream. Most popular sports are some type of cardio exercise as well. Our culture has a mistaken assumption that somehow cardio exercises are more beneficial for younger people. Something for the more flexible and lithe to engage in. The truth is that as we grow older, aerobic exercises (as well as core and strength training) become even more important for keeping us active, able to get around easily and with a healthy brain.

How cardio prevents aging

In a study published in the journal PLOS ONE and conducted by researchers at Humboldt State and the University of Colorado-Boulder, scientists examined how running effected seniors (over 65) when compared to walking. By following a regimen of running about 30 minutes 3 times a week, subjects were more efficient in how they walked.

According to Justus Ortega, professor of kinesiology at Humboldt State, “What we found is that older adults who regularly participate in high aerobic activities—running in particular—have what we call a lower metabolic cost of walking than older, sedentary adults. In fact, their metabolic cost of walking is similar to young adults in their 20s.”

That’s right; cardio exercise resulted in people over 65 being able to move around as easily, energy-wise, as people fresh out of college. Metabolic cost is simply how much energy it takes for your body to do a given task. As we age, our bodies naturally become less efficient, meaning the metabolic cost of things goes up.

With cardio exercise, you can essentially turn back the clock.

What you should do

Get active! If you are still on the fence about whether you should be doing cardio exercises, it’s time to get serious. Olumia Life creates exercise plans that are specifically designed around your needs. Cardio is an essential part of Olumia Life.

With the right progression, duration, and types of exercise, including cardio, Olumia Life will give you the most effective and efficient way of preventing disease, losing weight, getting in shape and staying that way for long-term success.

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