How can I improve my insulin resistance?

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Improving insulin resistance is not difficult; it simply requires knowing and implementing the proper set of actions. The most common misunderstanding with insulin resistance is that it can be improved with just one step, such as a better diet. While it is true that the right diet will improve your insulin resistance, a condition as fundamental to your health as how efficiently your body uses insulin is connected to more than just eating or a miracle cure-all.

As an integral part of how our bodies function, improving insulin resistance takes a coordinated, multi-step approach covering rest, exercise and dietary habits.

When the body is unable to transfer energy via insulin to its cells at the normal rate, we go from a state of insulin efficiency to insulin resistance. An increase in our insulin levels can lead to easier/increased weight gain, misguided food cravings, a reduced level of energy and many serious health issues, like cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Improving our insulin resistance, then, requires understanding what causes it in the first place. While eating unhealthy foods plays an important role, so too do how we exercise and how much rest we get. Even how much stress we are under can  increase how resistant we become.

Olumia Life is built from the ground up to use each primary area of health (Fitness, Nutrition and Rest) as a building block for an ideal overall result. By using Behavioral Therapy to help regulate and improve sleep, creating a Nutritional Ratio and meal guide and even through the specific order, progression, variety, and manner of exercises you do, Olumia Life is able to maximize how much you improve your insulin resistance.

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