Gut flora, jet lag and controlling weight gain

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Gut flora, comprised of trillions of bacteria living in a mutually beneficial situation with you in your gut, are an extremely important part of our overall health. Modern science continues to find new ways in which our gut flora, or gut bacteria, affect us, as well as new ways we can use these connections to improve our overall health. From controlling weight to reducing the problems of jet lag and much more, gut flora perform a lot of good work for us.

Your gut flora and you

Gut flora:

  • allow us to digest properly
  • take care of indigestible compounds in our food
  • promote Insulin Efficiency and normal body weight
  • help keep levels of bad gut bacteria down
  • and even help the immune system do its job.

When levels of good gut bacteria are optimal, everything is great.

However, gut flora are living things just like us, meaning they live and die, just at a microbial level. This means that generations of bacteria exist throughout each day. In fact, levels of the microbiota in our gut fluctuate in time with our internal clock. We are creatures of night and day, rest and activity, and so are our gut flora.

Jet lag and getting to bed on time

Sleep disruption and deprivation, then, can have a real adverse effect on our gut flora. When you take a long flight, one recent study published in the journal Cell found, your gut flora are as disrupted as your 24-hour clock. When their levels are screwed up, we can’t function as well, causing extra weight gain and other trouble.

Sleep deprivation is serious business. You don’t just run the risk of unsightly bags under your eyes. Studies have found it increases your risk of disease and can actually be worse than drinking or smoking marijuana. Part of why sleep deprivation is associated with weight gain is that it can disrupt the functioning of your gut bacteria.

Keeping your internal clock balanced can be difficult at times, but it has more benefits than just maintaining your weight, like helping fight breast cancer.

While jet lag is basically a fact of life for us now, there are ways you can keep it from causing you too much trouble. Minding your diet in the proper way after a long flight may be a good idea for your gut flora and your gut.

The Olumia Life plan

By understanding how our gut flora affect us, we can gain key insight into how best to get our bodies in good health and keep them that way. Olumia Life is designed to use proven connections, like gut flora, weight control and sleep habits, to give you the optimal results for your time and effort.


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