Fat shaming no help to weight loss

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Weight loss isn’t the easiest thing in the world. A lot of folks will go to great lengths to help friends and loved ones find the motivation to get fit, even resorting to tough love. A new study, however, shows that “fat shaming” is doing more harm than good, both psychologically and physically.

According to Dr. Sarah Jackson, an author of the report from University College London, “Most people who are overweight are aware of it already and don’t need it pointed out to them. Telling them they are fat isn’t going to help—it is just going to make them feel worse.”

Fat shaming’s effect on weight loss

Published in the journal Obesity, the study looked at almost 3,000 adults over the course of 4 years. Of these, those reporting fat shaming i.e., weight discrimination, on a daily basis were found to gain an average of 2 lbs. The ones free of fat shaming actually lost about 1.6 lbs.

That’s a 3.6-lb. swing! Why would the results be so telling? The researchers offer numerous answers, but the most common reason seems to be the overindulgence in “comfort food” as a means of recovering from stress and a barrage of harassment.

“Previous studies have found that people who experience discrimination report comfort eating. Stress responses to discrimination can increase appetite, particularly for unhealthy, energy-dense food,” said Dr. Jackson, “Weight discrimination has also been shown to make people feel less confident about taking part in physical activity, so they tend to avoid it.”

The Olumia Life Difference

Obviously, putting someone down because they aren’t the picture of health is a step in the wrong direction. The Olumia program has no such feedback. We want everyone to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle without any sort of negativity, just open and direct help.

We focus on the lifestyle not the scale.

Fast weight loss is often just creating a vacuum in your daily habits, one quickly filled in, once you stop dieting, by all the unhealthy habits you had before. Olumia focuses on changing your habits through exercise, diet and rest that makes you feel good and good about yourself, not beating you into compliance.

Fat shaming and practices of that nature are no way to find long-term success. You need motivation from within, positive re-enforcement, variety and fun. If exercise and diet are punishing experiences, you’ll quit as soon as you get your first results.

What We Can Do

Getting caught up in a numbers game tends to dehumanize your experience when you are taking part in a personal, extremely human endeavor: getting into shape. Counting calories, writing algorithms for your heart rate and so on can just be ways of avoiding the real facts of fitness.

There’s no gimmick; Olumia Life takes the latest in scientific evidence to construct a highly effective, efficient system you can easily maintain for the long-term. It’s pragmatic, supportive and sound. Instead of feeling bad about weight, it’s time to feel good about your health.

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