Does interval training burn more fat?

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Yes. Studies have shown that interval training burns more fat than exercising with a constant level of intensity. Interval training even increases calorie burning for a period of time long after the exercise is over.

Interval training is easy to put into your routine. If you’re interested in trying out interval training, a simple way to get started is by doing 2 harder minutes followed by 5 easier minutes. Another way to do this at the gym is by switching machines when you switch intensities. Go harder on the exercise bike for 5 minutes, then do 5-10 easier minutes on the treadmill. You can even do this when you’re out for a walk by speeding up and slowing down at various intervals.

Because interval training is all about variety, you can mix up your exercises, the time period of your intensities, and even which intensities you switch between.

Apart from being an excellent way to burn fat, interval training helps keep you more interested and engaged in your exercise, leading to a greater chance of long-term fitness success.

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