Does a higher protein diet hurt my kidneys?

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A higher protein diet will not hurt your kidneys unless you already have inherent or undetected kidney disease.

When it comes to the efficacy and effects of diets, society is rife with all kinds of gossip, misremembered headlines and “viral” opinions. This is definitely one of them. That high levels of protein in the diet are perfectly safe is summed up by the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board, the people who bring you the official recommended daily allowances (RDA) of nutritional items.

The Board also sets the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) for nutrients. This is the maximum level at which you can ingest something before experiencing some sort of a negative result, such as a vitamin overload. The Board doesn’t set a UL for protein, acknowledging that you can’t really overdose on it.

We also need to make the distinction that a higher-protein diet is not the same as a no-carb diet. Limited carbohydrates are an important part of keeping your body functioning optimally.

A good higher-protein diet, like the one in Olumia Life, will balance your diet accordingly rather than eliminate or severely restrict carb intake. Improper restrictions can lead to nutritional problems, such as a lack of fiber. That’s why eating all your fruits, vegetables and whole grains is even more important in a higher-protein diet.

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