Whether you’re worried about getting too bulky or simply aren’t sure if it’s worth the effort, it’s time to clear the air:

To achieve their desired weight and get that fit, toned look, women need to lift weights.

Strength training, particularly a form of progressive strength training using the proper exercises, order, and variety, can be tailored to tone and shape new muscle, burn fat and improve the density of the muscles you have already.

But, perhaps even more importantly, strength training helps speed up your metabolism and improves insulin efficiency.

One study examining what happens when we replace fat with muscle found that losing 4 pounds of fat and adding 3 pounds of muscle increased participants metabolic rate by 7 percent, meaning that they burned 120 calories more per day than usual just going about their normal business.

120 calories may not sound like much per day, but it adds up real fast. A single pound of fat is comprised of 3,500 calories. You burn 3,500 calories; you lose a pound of fat.

Now then, burning an extra 120 calories over the course of a whole year means: 365 x 120 = 43,800, i.e., 12.5 pounds of fat.

By following the Olumia Life program, women will not only meet their fitness and health goals, but maintain for the long haul. And that’s important when you consider another additional benefit for women that do strength training: stronger bones.

A number of studies have shown that improvements in bone density, which protects against osteoporosis, are directly tied to the amount of weight lifted. Women who lift weights also get stronger bones, not bigger muscles.

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