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Core exercises are often associated with pilates, yoga, etc., and for good reason. While the sentiment has certainly decreased over the years, to some men out there, core exercises may not seem important to their fitness needs. Kind of like how women might not think they need strength training, some men have the mistaken idea that getting a fit core isn’t worth the effort. Time to put that notion to rest: You can’t get a fit core with just general conditioning, and men need core exercises just as much as cardio and strength training.

You’re probably doing core exercises already

The muscles of your core are the trunk of your body. This means you need them to move well. When they are strong, your ability to move is too. Whether you want to play a sport better, just improve your agility, or prevent back pain, a strong core is a must. Your core muscles are the foundation of your abilities. Take running, a cardio exercise. With a strong core, you go through the motions of running with improved balance and efficiency. This, in turn, improves your performance and allows for more successful workouts.

Classic exercises, like situps, are great for your core. Aside from being common exercises you might be doing already, they are also some of the most convenient. It’s true for many core exercises that you often don’t need equipment or even much space to do them. Planking, for example, just needs you to lie down. And if time is a factor, don’t worry. Core exercises are as quick as they are accessible. You can find a whole slew of core exercises you should try and more details on core exercises through Olumia Life or in Dr. Steve’s book, Reprogram Your Life: Bioscience for a Healthier You. Pilates, for example, is a set of core exercises developed by Joseph Pilates while he was imprisoned during World War I. That’s a pretty tough origin story!

The benefits of core exercises go on…

Core exercises don’t just improve your ability to perform other exercises, they improve everything. From making it easier to get out of bed, go about your daily routine and do business, improving posture, digestion, and protecting you from injury, your core helps decrease the effort you need, leaving you more energy and more active throughout. A key benefit of core training is balance. It’s part of why Pilates is very popular with dancers. The demands of professional dancing are as rigorous as any professional sport, causing nagging injuries, chronic pain and all sorts of other problems.

A strong center will minimize the damage on your body, whether you’re dancing or just going about your day, while at the same time boosting mobility. When you have better body balance, you are able to get around easier and lower your risk of injuries. This has been proven especially important for us as we grow older. So take a few moments to do put core exercises in your routine. They’re an essential part of the Olumia Life system and improve your fitness now as much as for the years to come.

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