Do men and women store fat the same way?

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While anyone can see that men generally have broader shoulders and women are naturally wider in the hips, new research is shedding light on how differences in the sexes can be used to our advantage. Specifically, the different ways that men and women process and store fat are the first steps toward more customized, more effective means of getting healthy as well as how to better treat heart disease and other illnesses.

The science

Previous research has shown that brain inflammation in men and postmenopausal women is associated with the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular problems and may even be a cause of them. The inflammation and fat storage is affected by a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. There is something different in premenopausal women when looking at these factors.

Could the same diet have different or similar metabolic effects on the hypothalamus in males and females? Scientists published their findings in the journal Cell Report. In order to learn the answer to their question, researchers studied the effects of a diet high in carbohydrates, fat and sugar on male and pre-menopausal female laboratory mice.

Over time, the male mice gained weight, eventually developing type-2 diabetes and enlarged hearts (a marker of cardiovascular problems). The females, while unhealthy, did not develop either problem that the males did.

Researchers then examined the brain tissue of the male mice and found inflammation, while the female brain did not share this trait. There was a change in a receptor for estrogen that appeared to be responsible for the difference.


This type of research is important in developing the best method of complete health for both men and women. It also shows just how interconnected the systems of your body are. Your diet, for example, can do more than cause weight gain. It can decrease Insulin Efficiency, leading to the metabolic syndrome and worse.

Understanding this connectivity, however, is also a great boon in how well we can get healthy. Olumia Life does this by using your feedback and specifics to create a tailor-made diet, fitness and rest plan for you. By using different parts of your health to bolster the other, you can meet your goals more efficiently and with greater long-term success.

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