Do I need more protein if I exercise?

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Yes. When you exercise, your body is burning fuel so you have the energy to keep lifting, running, spinning, or whatever activity you like to do. In order to make sure you have fuel at the ready and not have your body turn to burning your own muscle tissue, it’s important to eat enough protein. But apart from being metabolized into fuel, which is great for charging up before a workout and replenishing afterwards, protein has been shown to have numerous benefits to your exercise results.

  • Lose fat, keep the muscle: A study done at the University of Illinois revealed that the addition of a high-protein diet to a regimen of resistance training resulted in better preservation of lean muscle mass and more fat loss during weight loss than other diets.
  • Lose more fat overall: A study from Stanford University published in the Journal of the American Medical Association added to these findings by showing that following a high-protein diet for twelve months resulted in greater loss of fat.
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