Higher protein diets DO help you lose the most weight, and a diet like the one in Olumia Life is designed to do so in the safest, most efficient way possible. But what exactly causes more protein to lead to weight loss? Well, there’s actually a few reasons why higher protein diets work so well, but, primarily, it all comes down to your gastrointestinal hormones.

When you eat protein, your stomach and intestines release various hormones into your body that communicate what is happening and how the different parts of your body ought to respond.

Protein leads to a greater amount of gastrointestinal hormones that suppress hunger, meaning you feel full on less and feel satisfied for longer. On top of that, other proteins tell your brain to stop rewarding you for eating. This means that overeating doesn’t “feel” good anymore.

It’s pretty easy to see why these hormones would be a big help when trying to lose weight. As a result, higher protein diets help you eat less but still feel satisfied and even prolong that satisfaction without the need for snacks.

The hormones released as a result of higher-protein diets also help improve insulin efficiency, allowing your body to burn fuel more efficiently and making you less likely to store energy as fat, i.e., pack on pounds.

Finally, higher-protein diets actually cause your metabolism to speed up because of something called diet-induced thermogenesis. Not only does this burn fat more quickly than other diets, but you’ll have more energy as well!

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