Do energy drinks cause insulin resistance?

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Energy drinks are one of the most overhyped products of our time. While some companies have been sued for misrepresenting what their products can actually do, new studies continue to point out the various ways that energy drinks are harmful to your health. Far from being “energy in a bottle” these chemical cocktails come with a price to be paid later.

Energy drinks and insulin

One recent study, presented at the World Diabetes Congress has even suggested that energy drinks can lead to insulin resistance, especially for younger individuals. Conducted by researchers at the University of Calgary, the small study is a precursor to more investigation into the link between heavily caffeinated drinks, particularly energy drinks, and increased insulin resistance among adolescents.

With an average age of 17, researchers found that the 1-2 punch of caffeine and a high dose of sugar present in energy drinks led to an increase of insulin levels in the blood by as much as 30%.

What this means for you

The more sugar in your diet, the more likely you are to develop insulin resistance. It’s why Olumia Life suggests sticking with coffee or tea, healthy snacks or simply water if you want some energy. In fact, minimizing the amount of sugar in your diet will benefit you in more than just your diet. It will help improve your success in workouts and can help you sleep better too.

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