Do coffee and tea have too much caffeine to count towards our daily fluid intake?

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Possibly, but it really depends how much you drink. The old thinking was that since the caffeine in tea and coffee is a diuretic, it could cause you to actually lose fluid from excess urination rather than retain any of the water. It’s true that caffeine will make you urinate more, but it does not follow that any amount of coffee or tea counteracts fluid intake.

In fact, it takes four average (8 oz) cups of coffee or 10 average cups of tea to get enough caffeine to counteract the benefits of the fluid intake.

Besides, if you do want to limit caffeine, opt for decaf coffee or tea or go with herbal tea instead.

Coffee and tea aren’t the problem, but rather, as with just about everything, the real culprit is overindulging. In reality, coffee and tea, assuming there’s no added sugar, are an important part of the variety of beverages you can drink as part of a healthy diet, just stick to moderation.

Here’s a good health tip: You can drink as many as three 8-ounce cups of coffee or six 12-oz servings of unsweetened iced tea every day.

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