Can resistance training boost your memory?

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Resistance training, also called strength training, is a great way to develop fit, toned muscles. Having a healthy amount of quality muscles helps prevent weight gain, numerous diseases, keeps you active later into life, and improves insulin efficiency. It’s common knowledge that resistance training is good for your body. A new study, however, shows that it can help out your mind, particularly your memory, as well.

Muscles and Brains Working Together

The study looked at both men and women. It was conducted by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and published in the journal Acta Psychologica. The researchers gave memory tests to 46 participants in which they were shown a total of 90 different images and asked to remember them.

Following this, half of the subjects did 20 minutes of resistance training and the other half did not. After 48 hours, the subjects returned. They were shown the same set of 90 images, only this time with an entirely new set of 90 other images mixed in, and were asked to mark which ones they recognized.

The control group, the ones that did no resistance training, got about 50% of the images correct. However, the ones that did complete a round of resistance training got 60% correct.

According to lead researcher Lisa Weinberg, “Our study indicates that people don’t have to dedicate large amounts of time to give their brain a boost.”

Real-World Applications

Resistance training offers a host of benefits and is easier to start than you might think. Most people think of lifting weights when they think of resistance training, but it’s a much broader category than that.

Anything that exerts a force against your body qualifies as resistance training, even your own body. Squats and pushups, for example, can be done pretty much anywhere. You can also use the free weights at a gym as well as the weight machines. To best improve Insulin Efficiency, however, the right exercises, order, variety and progression is important.

While going to the gym first thing in the morning has its own advantages, taking a gym break during the day or going after work can help you better retain and process the events of the day (as well as relieve stress).

In any case, improved memory is not the only reason why resistance training is an essential part of your complete health. Numerous studies have shown just how much strength training can help you lose weight and keep it off, improve your insulin efficiency, lengthen lifespan, and help prevent a variety of health issues, like:

  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • the metabolic syndrome
  • and more

Getting yourself started on a resistance training plan designed to integrate into your life is as easy as getting started on Olumia Life. By taking part in the Olumia plan, you’ll be able to use strength training, as well as cardio and core exercises, to obtain the optimal health benefits while at the same time helping to boost the healthy advantages found in both the Sleep and Nutrition areas.

As shown by resistance training’s power to boost your memory, the systems of your body are interconnected. Olumia Life is designed to efficiently use this to your advantage for long-term health success.

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