Can I take something other than whey protein after workouts?

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What you do right after a workout is important and needs to be thought about almost as much as what you do during your workout. Taking protein is definitely a good idea to get the most out of your exercises, and not simply to build muscle quality. Olumia Life recommends whey protein in particular for many reasons; it’s also included in the Olumia Life diet for women because it helps build a fit, toned look, not a bulky one. However, whey is not the only protein supplement out there. There are a few reasonable options available if you’re looking for something other than whey protein to take.

Why not whey?

A diet rich in protein is an excellent way to get healthy and lose weight. While it’s important to get your overall protein intake from numerous sources throughout the day, it’s worth pointing out that whey protein is the hands-down best after a workout. It simply outperforms the competition. Whey protein:

  • Is absorbed quickly by the body
  • Has an excellent amino acid profile including about 26% of its content being BCAAs, which support lean muscle and muscle recovery.
  • Has a very high biologic value, or how efficiently the body is able to absorb and use the protein taken in
  • Improves Insulin Efficiency

Of course, we all have our own tastes and dietary requirements. Whey protein isn’t compatible with a vegan diet, for example, or with those that have dairy allergies.

Other Commonly Cited Proteins

The most commonly cited alternatives to whey protein are casein, egg and soy proteins. You may notice that even the alternatives are also protein. Well, getting enough protein is essential and more so when you exercise. While they can be beneficial to an extent after workouts, even the alternatives should only be used when whey protein is unavailable for after workout nutrition timing.

Casein Protein

Casein protein is common in cheese and other dairy products. It can be a helpful alternative to whey protein as a powdered supplement, but casein falls short when it comes to the speed of its absorption into the body. Nutrient timing is an extremely important part of the Olumia Life exercise and nutrition strategy. If your post-workout protein does not take effect for a while, you’re not getting the maximum benefit from your time and effort. Casein protein, however, can be extremely helpful when taken at other times of the day.

Egg-White Protein

Egg-white protein is a good choice for anyone with a dairy allergy, as both whey and casein are derived from dairy sources. It is absorbed by the body faster than casein but still slower than whey. Also, it contains a lower biologic value than whey protein and less BCAAs (17%), making it less efficient for post work out timing but still an excellent protein overall.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is the most common choice for vegans and others for whom egg and dairy proteins are not feasible. Soy protein can be quite healthy, but is absorbed at only an intermediate rate. It has a much lower amount of BCAAs (16%) than whey protein, but very similar BCAA content to egg protein. While not as efficient for post workout timing as whey, it is still a good protein.

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