Can I lose weight by optimizing the hormones in my gut (gastrointestinal tract)?

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Yes! But don’t take this as some magical remedy; it’s just knowing how to use modern science. Because gastrointestinal hormones are released by your body to regulate how quickly food moves through your digestive system and to communicate with your brain, they play an important role in helping you lose weight. They make healthy eating easier and more effective.

How? Well, the gastrointestinal hormone peptide YY, for example, is released by your small intestine whenever you eat, particularly when you eat fat or protein. Once it is in your bloodstream, it is detected by the hypothalamus in your brain, letting it know that your stomach is full and to stop releasing the chemical reward that causes eating to “feel” good.

This means that optimizing the peptide YY hormone in your gut will help you stop from overeating while helping you feel less hungry.

Peptide YY also slows the speed at which you digest, causing you to, again, feel more full and less hungry. Also, when your stomach empties more slowly, your blood sugar doesn’t spike up as much, which in turn means you don’t need to pump out as much insulin to carry it away. (Check our answers to questions about insulin efficiency and insulin resistance to learn more about why this is so important.) This is just one of many gut hormones that can be affected and optimized.

Utilizing your gastrointestinal hormones helps you obtain ideal results from your efforts, which is why Olumia Life makes gastrointestinal hormone optimization one of its core components.

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