Fiber can absolutely help you lose weight, and in multiple ways!

Some research shows that fewer calories are absorbed by the body from high-fiber diets. In addition, a diet high in fiber makes you feel full more quickly and staves off hunger for longer as the food takes longer to move through your system.

Higher fiber foods are also less energy dense, meaning they contain fewer calories for the same volume of food. For example, a slice of whole wheat bread has about 70 calories and 2 grams of fiber, while a slice of white bread, has about 120 calories and only about 0.6 grams of fiber.

Another simple factor may be that fiber foods simply take more chewing. They take longer to eat, which gives your body time to produce the hormones that tell you you’re full.

Because foods with a lot of fiber take longer to digest, their glucose enters the bloodstream more slowly. This may help avoid insulin surges and lets you produce and use insulin more efficiently.

Whatever the reason, fiber can definitely help you lose weight!

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