Can exercise help with depression and anxiety?

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It’s true; exercise contributes to a lowered risk of depression.

It seems like every day there is new research coming out about connections between the different aspects of your health that we didn’t previously know were there. A consortium of researchers in the United Kingdom has published findings that suggest exercise can do a lot more than improve your sleep, prevent disease, and get you in shape; it helps lower your risk of depression and relieve anxiety as well.

It’s a fact that your cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and other systems don’t operate in a vacuum; they’re more of a network. Improvements in one can cause improvements in another.

Depression and exercise

By seeing how rates of depression and activity correlated over the course of many people’s lives, the study out of the United Kingdom was able to draw some amazing conclusions.

According to lead researcher Snehal Pinto Pereira of University College London’s Institute of Child Health, “If an adult between their twenties and forties who isn’t physically active became active three times per week, they would reduce their risk of depression by approximately 16%.”

The study also found that for every added session of exercise beyond 3, the risk of depression went down by a further 6%.

A cohort of data

Available online through JAMA Psychiatry, the study looked at over 11,000 participants of the 1958 British Birth Cohort.

The Cohort is a study of a cross-section of people born in England, Scotland and Wales during March of 1958. It collected data on various health aspects of their lives for the following 50 years. The Cohort is actually much larger than 11,000, but, as the study says, it used those “with information on depressive symptoms or frequency of physical activity at 23, 33, 42, or 50 years of age.”

Taking advantage of modern science

By understanding how fitness affects our mental health, Olumia Life can actually help improve your mood. It’s no guarantee, but it’s true that it helps.

Olumia Life creates an integrated fitness, rest and nutrition plan to optimize your results for long-term success. This includes improving your Insulin Efficiency, gastrointestinal hormones and more. You can find all the details in Dr. Steve’s book, Reprogram Your Life: Bioscience for a Healthier You.

Aerobic, resistance and core exercises are important for your well-being, no matter if you’re a man or woman, young or old. Using the connections between your fitness as well as your sleep habits and diet, you can get the greatest return on your investment. When you feel good, you enjoy your exercise; when you enjoy your exercise, you are more likely to stay in shape.

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