One key to long-term fitness success is the ability to take control of your diet, part of which means controlling or suppressing your appetite. Numerous appetite suppressants claim to be the magic pill for all your weight-loss needs; however, recent studies have shown that maintaining the right healthy diet is the best way to control your appetite.

There are some extremely helpful and healthy foods and nutrients that you can eat that will optimize your results. The best one you may associate primarily with working out, but protein, and especially whey protein, is also a powerful tool in weight loss and is the best natural appetite suppressant around.

Why is protein such a great appetite suppressant?

Whenever you eat or drink something, your body releases, or does not release, numerous gastrointestinal (gut) hormones that affect you in a variety of ways. Some help you digest food, some tell your brain when you’re full and one type in particular, incretin, regulates your level of blood sugar and controls how quickly food leaves your stomach. Protein optimizes the release of your gut hormones.

The benefits of more slowly digesting food are easy to see, including a slower rise in blood sugar. When your blood sugar release is optimized, your Insulin Efficiency improves, leading to all sorts of health benefits associated with weight loss. These include,

  • Feeling satisfied for longer after meals
  • Metabolizing more food into energy, not fat
  • Better long-term weight management
  • and more.

Why whey?

Whey protein is perhaps the most efficient and effective means of using protein to increase incretin levels and reduce appetite. Whey protein can be bought as a powder to be added to shakes, smoothies, etc., making it an extremely convenient form of protein intake. Our body also metabolizes whey protein faster than other types, meaning its effects occur more quickly.

One 2013 study published in Nutrition Research looked at how whey protein affected the appetites of young woman both at a reasonable weight and overweight. In both groups, drinking whey protein-sweetened beverages resulted in lower levels of blood sugar and a reduced appetite. Other studies have found similar results in men.

Other options

Olumia Life loves to optimize your fitness routine for better results and efficiency, which is why we highly recommend whey protein for more than just weight loss. Protein itself is not the only natural appetite suppressant out there. Other options include fruits and vegetables high in natural fiber, another means of reducing appetite. Apples, broccoli and many others are all low-calorie sources of fiber and lots of other great nutrients.

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