Are gut bacteria associated with weight gain?

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Yes. Gut bacteria are exactly what they sound like: trillions of bacterial cells that live in your intestinal tract. Most people have over 200 different bacterial species living in their gut. Like any environment containing life, this means you have an internal, bacterial ecosystem.

This is a very good thing! We tend to think that all bacteria are bad, but the right balance of gut bacteria is essential to proper digestion and the optimal functioning of our bodies in general. Gut bacteria are associated with weight gain when the balance is disrupted.

Ordinarily, all those bacterial species jostle with each other for space in your gut and keep each other in check. Sometimes, however, the gut bacteria population is altered and gets out of balance. Many factors, ranging from stress to illness to toxins to medications to the type of food we eat, can upset the balance. In the short term, the result of an imbalance could be bloating or gas. In the long term, an imbalance can lead to weight gain.

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