5 great ways to avoid overeating

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Overeating, whether from swelled portion sizes or between-meal snacks, sabotages all the other efforts you make towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding excess food consumption isn’t one simple trick unfortunately, because the potential to overeat never really goes away. With the right mindset, though, and maybe a couple life-hacks, you can do yourself a favor and only eat as much as what’s healthy for you.

1. Eat slowly and think it over

One way to help yourself at meals and afterwards is being mindful of what you’re eating. This doesn’t mean being one with your food or anything, but literally, physically, looking at the food you put into your mouth and savoring each bite. Don’t shovel! This means you should avoid being too distracted while you eat, e.g., keep the TV off and put your phone down. Focusing on your food helps you avoid gorging yourself, but it also helps you to pay more attention to your diet, aiding in a reduction of unhealthy foods at meals. Disconnecting for meals also reduces stress…which is another reason for snacking.

2. Water, water, everywhere

The beverages you drink on the regular play a huge role in your overall health. In fact, one of the most common reasons for snacking between meals isn’t because we’re hungry; it’s because we mistake dehydration and feelings of thirst for hunger. The next time you start feeling peckish, have a glass of water first. Water and weight loss go hand-in-hand. Staying hydrated is important as well, so try keeping a supply of water handy. A sip here and there might be all you need to stay satisfied. In fact, drinking some water before/with your meals will help you feel full on less food.

3. Preemptive (healthy) snacking

Going cold turkey on snacks can be real tough, so it’s best to take a more pragmatic approach to improving your habits. This means, instead of banning snacks, you replace them with healthy ones. Olumia Life can help with all the day-to-day details, but basically chips and candy are out, while nuts, boiled eggs, fruit and vegetables are in. There’s more to this than just filling you up on healthy snacks instead of unhealthy ones, however; healthy foods, like fruits, nuts and veggies, contain lots of fiber, which helps you feel more satisfied after eating, among lots of other great benefits.

4. Always get your protein

A key reason why snacking can become such a temptation stems from meals that aren’t satisfying enough. Again, fruits and vegetables (and their fiber content) play a role in appetite suppression, but protein is another key ingredient. Omnivorous, vegetarian, or vegan, it’s mandatory that your meals contain enough protein to keep you going through your day, or at least until your next meal. Chicken, fish, eggs, and tofu are just some of the many great sources of protein available to you.

5. Avoid the temptation of sugar

Sugar, whether in the form of soda, candy or something else, is just plain bad for your health. On top of that, it causes hormones in your body to actually make you feel less full and more hungry. Sugar is in a lot of foods you might not expect as well. It plays a major role in weight gain too, so it can be surprising how much of a difference cutting back on sugar can make, especially when it comes to snacks. Replacing that bad sugar with good fiber, protein, etc., is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle.

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