4 reasons water and weight loss are a natural pair

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Well, obviously water is very good for you, so it naturally follows that if you want to get healthier and lose weight, you would want to ensure you get enough water. Water is a great place to start when refining healthy habits in your lifestyle. It’s cheap, simple and convenient. And the benefits are huge! If you’re drinking more soda than water right now, simply making water your primary beverage will have an incredibly beneficial impact on your health. Here’s why all of this is true:

1. Water curbs your appetite

It’s a common piece of advice from a doctor trying to help a patient lose weight: We often mistake hunger for thirst. The next time you feel like snacking between meals, have a glass of water first. Dehydration can be a very common problem for many people, not just for someone lost in the desert. It’s important to ensure you have enough water every day no matter how strenuous or relaxed your plans may be. Studies have shown that people who make proper hydration a habit are less likely to be obese.

2. Water keeps you energized and in control

Whenever your body doesn’t have enough water to run correctly, it…doesn’t run correctly. Obviously, this means that you’ll have more energy if you have enough water, meaning you’ll be more active and more likely to burn off some fat. Hydration impacts everything in your body, including your brain. With enough water in your body, your mind is sharper and better at decision-making. The next time you’re confronted with dessert, for example, you’ll in a better position to make the right decision for your health instead of giving in to your sweet tooth.

3. Water takes the place of many an unhealthy beverage

While the coolers at convenience stores may be packed with variety, not a lot of shelf space is devoted to healthy beverages you can drink every day. When it comes to the primary beverages in your diet, if water isn’t at the top of the list, the number one spot is probably occupied by something sugary or containing artificial sweeteners. Drinking more water means you are drinking less of something else, probably soda or some other less healthy drink. If drinking that much water sounds like a lifetime without the flavor you’re used to in your beverages, remember, there are tons of ways to modify your water while retaining all its healthy benefits.

4. Water helps make workouts more successful

You’ll need to drink more water if you’re doing regular workouts than otherwise, but doing so will allow you to do better when exercising. Water helps prevent muscle cramping and will help you exercise longer and harder.

If you’re looking to add more water to your diet, keeping a refillable water bottle with you throughout the day can be greatly beneficial. Adding berries, lemon, cucumber and other healthy bits to your water can add more variety to the flavor and improve the taste. The more often you drink enough water each day, the more progress you’ll make towards your health goals, like weight loss.

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