Physician-designed to help doctors
save time when recommending
lifestyle guidance to patients.

Physician-designed to help doctors save time when recommending lifestyle guidance to patients.

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Healthy lifestyles happen outside the doctor's office.
Help your patients know what to do, when to do it and why.

The landmark 2012 Status of Prevention and Wellness survey asked physicians nationwide what they needed to realistically help the 50-75% of their patients who would benefit from behavior change.

The Olumia Life platform was developed by a team of researchers, psychologists and data engineers, based on input from the physicians who participated in the study and many others. Medical professionals and physicians use this platform to extend the doctor-patient relationship and provide gradual, sustainable behavior change.


Peer-reviewed daily insight.

All recommendations are based on mainstream science and clinical best practices to help individuals gradually modify their behavior for sustainable, long-term change.

Built around a structured system with flexible
features that adjust to anyone’s lifestyle.

Evidence-based guidance that goes beyond counting steps and calories.

Our health system adjusts to each individual's habits, prompting them to better control their weight and improve overall health.

Physician Advantages

  • Developed based on suggestions obtained from a nationwide survey of physicians.
  • Helps doctors provide effective lifestyle guidelines in less time.
  • Creates no additional monitoring or review for physicians or staff.
  • Extends and strengthens a doctor’s relationship with her or his patients.
  • Provides a unified, credible resource for individual education.
  • Periodically updated by the Olumia Life team and advisory board to stay current with peer-reviewed consensus.
  • Designed to keep patients engaged for the long-term in real-world settings.

Patient Benefits

  • Built around a structured plan that allows for individual flexibility.
  • Coaches and educates patients with personalized guidance and instruction.
  • Asks questions and monitors behavior, then adjusts to the individual’s threshold of change.
  • Relevant guidance provided by in-the-moment messaging to incrementally modify behavior.
  • Long-term use encouraged through a fun and easy-to-use experience.
  • Unobtrusive mobile app allows patients to receive continuous lifestyle advice discreetly.
  • Olumia Life can be instrumental in reducing the risk of the metabolic syndrome and other chronic illnesses.

Extend the doctor-patient relationship without
adding additional monitoring or review.

Results from our recent 12-week clinical study

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Reduced BMI by 7.3%

Study participants were healthy, middle-aged women with an average starting BMI of 31.6. Weight, waist, blood pressure, VO2 Max all had p < 0.005

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